July 24 - 29, 2018


AGES: 9-25

The Ballet art form is known for its unparalleled beauty. Classical Ballet, which originated in Renaissance Italy, features light, graceful and fluid movements often occurring in the air.

At ARIA, you will join Francisco Gella’s outstanding faculty as they guide you through this one-of-a-kind ballet Intensive. Culminating in a final performance, you should expect a packed week of classes, choreography and workshops that will take all aspects of your dancing to another level. For dancers of any discipline, ARIA will reinforce the ballet training needed to achieve impeccable technique and artistry.

The following classes would be rotated daily between placement groups

• 1.5 hours of center ballet technique
• 1.5 hours of stretching and flexibility
• 1 hour of athletic and cross-fit conditioning for dancers
• 1.5 hour of jazz-based turns & leaps
• 1.5 hour of ballet-based turns & leaps – focusing on petit allegro
• 1 hour of Pilates for barre
• 1 hour of Contemporary with special guest artists

The mission of ARIA is to compliment studio training by concentrating on the fundamentals of technique, correct placement, core strength, flexibility, and basic anatomical knowledge. By applying proper technique to choreography, we aim to teach dancers how to translate their training into a stronger dance performance and inspire dancers to strive for their full potential.

At the end of the week, all dancers will perform in a fifteen-minute piece at the ARIA Closing Show. Dancers will be broken up into three groups, each performing a five-minute section choreographed by one of our amazing faculty members followed by a group finale sequence.

  • 20+ hours of Aria classes and rehearsals
    Performance in the Aria Closing Show
    Swag bag
    50+ Crash Course classes to choose from
    Admission to Beat Street
    Admission to The After Party

  • Injury Prevention Workshop
    Partnering Class
    Improv Workshop
    Pilates Class